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APIs which are used to create, configure, and delete FindMe's

DialogTech offers a variety of APIs used to administer FindMe's. These APIs include creating, updating, and deleting FindMe's.

To initiate calls using FindMe, Call Initiation APIs should be used. For FindMe, there are 2 Call Initiation APIs

API EndpointApplication UsedDescriptionDocumentation
FindMe Get FindMe ListFindMeUsed to get a list of FindMe'sLink
FindMe Update List SettingsFindMeAPI used to update an existing FindMeLink
FindMe CreateFindMeUsed to create a FindMeLink
FindMe DeleteFindMeUsed to delete an existing FindMeLink
FindMe Get Number ListFindMeUsed to get a list of Numbers in a FindMeLink
FindMe Add NumberFindMeUsed to add a number to existing FindMe'sLink
FindMe Delete NumberFindMeUsed to delete a number from an existing FindMeLink
FindMe Empty ListFindMeUsed to delete all numbers from an existing FindMeLink