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APIs which are used to generate new phone calls utilizing DialogTech's different applications.

DialogTech offers a variety of APIs used to retrieve reporting data collected on the DialogTech platform. Each of the different report APIs correlates to a different application within the DialogTech account.

API EndpointApplication(s) UsedDescriptionDocumentation
Broadcast Report Basic Audio Broadcast
Smart Broadcast
Used to retrieve data relating to Voice BroadcastsLink
Click-to-Report Click-to-Call
Click-to-FindMe List
Click-to-Virtual Receptionist
* Click-to-Agent
Used to retrieve data relating to Click-to activityLink
IVR Report IVR
SurVo (Legacy)
Used to retrieve IVR respondent dataLink
Call Detail Report
(Most Popular)
* Almost all applicationsUsed to retrieve call dataLink
Call Analytics API Call Analytics
Dialog Analytics
Used to retrieve Conversation Insights and DialogAnalytics transcriptions and catagories(Please contact your Customer Success Manager)
Bid Managment API*Source IQ ReportUsed to retrieve call extension data relating to search engine searchesBid Management V3