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A variety of APIs used to administer a DialogTech account

DialogTech offers a variety of APIs used to administer a DialogTech account, as well as the various applications and numbers within the account.

API TypeAvailable APIsDescription
Number Management- Number List

- Number Search

- Number Order

- Number Remove

- Number Configuration - Basic

- Number Configuration - Advanced

- Update Number Label
Used to list, search for, acquire, configure, and remove numbers from a DialogTech account
Number Registration- Add Registered Number

- Remove Registered Number

- List Registered Numbers
Used to register, unregister, and list all numbers registered available for use as a Caller ID within a DialogTech account
FindMe Management- FindMe Get FindMe List

- FindMe Create

- FindMe Delete

- FindMe Get Numbers

- FindMe Add Number

- FindMe Delete Number

- FindMe Empty List
Used to Create, Read, Update, and Delete FindMe's within a DialogTech account
Add-On Management- Add-Ons List

- Add-Ons Purchase
Used to list and purchase add-ons within a DialogTech account
Miscellaneous Admin APIs- Get International Surcharges

- Get Building Block IDs
A variety of APIs which are available but don't fit directly in one of the other categories